2. Nass, once conferred, cannot be retracted

According to our doctrine, once a successor is designated, that designation can never change and will never change. In the past it has sometimes happened that Mansoos passes away, but never that Dai changes Nass while his Mansoos is alive.

Nass is done by Imam-uz-zamaan’s ilhaam, and that ilhaam can never be wrong. The Imam according to our faith is infallible, ma’sum, and his Dai is kal-ma’sum and cannot make a mistake in the appointment of his successor.

If one allows for the possibility that Nass was erroneous the first time, then what is to say that it is not erroneous the second time around? If we allow this possibility then we bring into question not only this Nass but all the preceding designations.

There is not a single instance recorded or related in the 900 year history of Dawat al-Satr in which a successor was appointed and then retracted.

As Syedna Burhanuddin appointed Syedna Qutbuddin 50 years ago, according to our doctrine and belief it is impossible that he would change this designation for whatever reason.