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Guiding Principles

Specifics of Vision and Philosophy

  1. Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin is the 53rd Dai al Mutlaq of Imam uz Zaman with full authority.
  2. Misaq is a pledge of allegiance and obedience to the Imam and his Dai and to the laws of Shari‘at, by which one attains najaat and salvation. It is done by one’s free will for his or her najaat.
  3. The scale for religion is taqwa (goodness) and Ilm (knowledge), not money. Honors are achieved through khidmat of dawat and mumineen, through kindness, compassion and goodness.
  4. Access to the Dai is available for all mumineen, and is not exclusive for only a select few.
  5. Islam is a religion of Rehmat, kindness, compassion and mercy. Coercion and extortion of any kind are NOT tolerated.
  6. Vajebaat: Compulsory Zakat is 2.5% of money saved through the year; in other words, 2.5% of that portion of annual income which remains unspent at the end of the year. Mumineen should araz silat, najwa, khumus, nazrul maqam, kaffaarat as per their capacity.
  7. Najwa:  Mumineen araz Najwa when they come to the Dai, as per our doctrine, but it is done as per their wish and capacity.
  8. Jamaat Operations: Operating under guidance and authority from the Dai, all jamaats have a fully empowered local administration, a Jamaat Committee, comprised of men and women in separate committees from the local community. Details of jamaat organization will be posted soon inshaallah.
  9. An annual budget will be created by the Jamaat Committee. Jamaat finances will be transparent and audited regularly. The Jamaat Committee will present accounts and budgets to their local mumineen.
  10. Jamaat Committee should encourage and seek active participation from mumineen. 
  11. A central commission will investigate all complaints.
  12. No one has immunity: every person in the Dai’s administration is accountable to the Dai, and needs to explain his/her actions when questioned. There will be no discrimination.
  13. There will be no segregation. Safai Chitthis will not be color coded red, yellow and green.  It is for Allah subhanahu and his wali the Imam and Dai to judge the virtues of each mumin.
  14. There will be no persecution of people under any circumstances. It is Mola Ali’sSA hidayat to conceal another mumin’s faults. Publicly exposing a mumin’s faults is not acceptable.
  15. Raza for darees, majlis, vajebaat, or similar issues, will not be withheld on the basis of other cited shortcomings. It is for the Allah Subhanahu to judge and forgive. Mumineen will not be stopped from doing their farizats or supplementary hasanats.
  16. Raza for dafan must not be denied. Special consideration should be made for those who cannot afford basic dues. Representatives must deal with these situations with sensitivity and compassion.
  17. People are encouraged to attend Dawat majalis. But there will be no scanning of identity cards or reporting of attendance at majlises and other jamaat events.
  18. Business: While keeping within Shariat rules at all times, mumineen are encouraged to pursue a dynamic business outlook. Riba is Haram. In present day economy there are many ways to conduct business within the conformity of shari’at laws. 
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