Philosophy and Vision of Da‘wat

Syedna Taher Fakhrudding’s vision is a continuance of the philosophy and practice of RasulullahSA, Amir-ul-MumineenSA, ImamsSA, DuatRA and Dai-z-zamaan. His vision for Dawat is the true vision of haqq that is inherited from the Dais before him, Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA and Syedna Muhammad BurhanuddinRA and Syedna QutbuddinRA . See the following interview with Syedna Taher SaifuddinRA by Ashok Rao in “The Foundation” monthly, June 1960:  “Rare Serenity and Quiet Inner Joy: Interview with His Holiness on Eve of 75th Birthday.”

Doctrine of Dawat-e-Hadiyah

  • In every age, an Imam-uz-zamaan guides mumineen to Allah Ta’ala and the path of truth, and in the period of his satr, his Dai guides mumineen to Allah Ta’ala and the path of truth and salvation.
  • Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin is our Dai.
  • Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin was Syedna Burhanuddin’s Mazoon and rightful successor.
  • This is the true silsilo, or chain of authority, of Dawat-ul-Haqq. 

Practice: Shari’at & Morality

We believe mumineen should:

  • Mumineen uphold the Shariat to the best of their ability
  • Mumineen uphold the highest standards of morality
  • Mumineen respect and strive to be helpful to all God’s children. 

Social & Economic Issues


  • Knowledge of the Qur’an and our Fatemi heritage is the source of radiance and grace for this world and the next.
  • In addition to deeni taleem, mumineen should also strive to get the best possible secular education.
  • Women have and are encouraged practice their right to education.

Financial Issues

  • Dawat dues and waajebaat will be collected strictly in line with Shariat rules.
  • The Dawat administration and the well-to-do will always be concerned for the well-being of the less advantaged people, especially within our community.
  • Our community will have a dynamic business outlook in this information age, a cutting-edge approach that leads us to prosperity in today’s fast-moving world. 

We give thanks to Allah Ta’ala for favoring Dawat and mumineen with prosperity and abundance. This prosperity can and should be extended to all corners of Dawat and to all demographics of mumineen. The key to success is sound policies and good planning. May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna Qutbuddin the longest life. Rabbanaa aatina fi-d-dunyaa hasanat wa-fi-l-aakhirati hasanatan wa-qinaa azaaba-n-naar, bi-rahmatika yaa arhama-r-raahimeen.