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164) A Matter of Perspective

1 April 2017

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الدنيا سجن المؤمن

This world is a prison for the believer 

(Amirul Mumineen SA)


The 7th of Rajab ul Asabb is the Urus Mubarak of the 28th Dai-l-Mutlaq, Syedna Shaikh Adam Safiuddin RA (Ahmedabad).

In the time of the 27th Dai-l-Mutlaq, Syedna Da’ud bin Qutubshah, Sulayman falsely claimed that he was the 27th Dai. The matter was ultimately brought before the great Mughal Emperor Akbar in his court, and Emperor Akbar ruled in Syedna Da’ud’s favor.

But before this favorable ruling was passed, Sulayman’s coterie bribed officials in Ahmedabad to harass Syedna Da’ud and his followers. They said that Syedna Da’ud had unmatched wealth. They falsely claimed that Syedna Da’ud had paid large tributes to other rulers and he should be made to pay the same to the ruler in Ahmedabad – Akbar’s son, Shah Murad. 

As a result, Syedna Da'ud was forced into hiding for some years. In Ahmedabad, Akbar's son imprisoned Syedna Shaikh Adam and several other Hudud. Their jailer – an official who was colluding with Munafiqeen – kept them in the worst of conditions and tortured them in the hope that they would reveal Syedna Da'ud’s whereabouts and where the supposed treasure was hidden. The jailers denied them food, basic hygiene and prayer. At times they were whipped. At times they were chained.

The conspirators also constantly sent influential people to persuade the prisoners to reveal where Syedna Da’ud was and, of course, the 'treasure.' When two visitors came from the Kuttaab of Sad Khan, Syedna Shaikh Adam told them that, “the wealth and treasure we have is not material but eternal. The treasures we have keep increasing and never run out. The treasures we have safeguard us and do not require our guarding.”

When the visitors saw the chains in Syedna Shaikh Adam’s feet and the feet of the other prisoners, tears welled from their eyes. Syedna Shaikh Adam simply said, “even this is a bounty (ne’mat) from Allah Ta’ala. But He has put a much stronger restraint on our feet, our hands and all our faculties,” concluding that “this world is a prison for the believer. Those who remain patient and embrace sabr in this prison and accept Allah’s will, are forever in his rehmat and mercy...” Syedna recounted the examples of trials and tribulations faced by Ayyub Nabi AS and Yunus Nabi AS and the sabr of Imam Husain SA.

Syedna would speak to all those who came to threaten and intimidate him about examples of sabr from the history Allah’s Awliyaa’ and he would impart pearls of wisdom and the meanings of the Quran. He would conclude by asserting his commitment to sabr in the face of all trials and tribulations.

Once he said, “if a man sent his slave to the city with gold to purchase valuable merchandise such as musk oil, amber etc. and instead he came back with worthless things, what do you think would be his reward? Allah Ta’ala has sent us to this world and has given us our faculties - ability to think, speak, etc. - which are far greater than gold. No gold can purchase these faculties. If we do not use them to perform good deeds and remember Allah Ta’ala and instead commit sin then what would be the reward for that?”

Our Awliyaa' have sacrificed their lives and livelihoods for Dawat and for Mumineen. What compelled them to do so was their sincerity and their clarity. Their perspective on this world manifests in their decisions, for them no sacrifice is too great, no pain is unbearable and no challenge is insurmountable. Their example is one we must follow.

May Allah Ta'ala grant us the strength to follow the example of our Awliya'. May He raise them in the highest echelons of Jannat. And may He give their successor, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS Nasr-e-Aziz and Fath-e-Mubeen against the descendants of Sulayman.