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This section provides a collection of the main articles published in Sijill that provide a contemporary context to various historical anecdotes, traditions, and religious miqaats.

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186) Mazaar-e-Qutbi Niyaaz

10 November 2017

Our Hudaat Kiraam have established the tradition of niyaaz – offering food for the sake of Allah Ta’ala – by their words and their example. In one such Hadith, Rasulullah SA encourages us to “provide food for others” (at’imut-ta’aam) along with other words of wise counsel. Amirul Mumineen SA provided iftaar jaman for all the residents of Kufa during Shehrullah. Imam Ali Zainul-Aabideen SA instructed that extra food be prepared in his household kitchens. After the people of the household had their meal, Imam AS would personally take the extra food and distribute it amongst the less privileged in Madina. A’immat Tahereen and, in their seclusion, Du’aat Mutlaqeen continued this tradition.