Syedna Idris Imaduddin Biographical Article from Encyclopedia of Islam

امير المؤمنين صع

31 July 2018

On the occasion of  Syedna Idris Imaduddin RA Urus on 19th Zilqada 1438H we are pleased to present the biographical article written by Yaquqato Dawatil Haqq Shehzadi Dr. Bazat Tahera Baisaheba, which was published in the Encylcopedia of Islam Edition 3.  The Encyclopedia of Islam is considered to be the standard reference work in the field of Islamic studies.  Below is an excerpt from the article. 

Notwithstanding other pressing duties,  [Syedna] Idris spent much of his time teaching and writing books that would become foun-dational works of the Tayyibi da'wa. His favoured spot for writing was by a pond just below Shibam called Birkat Jawjab, which is still shown by local guides. The earliest description of eleven works by him is provided by the Indian-Yemeni Tayyibi scholar...

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