Doa Nasri wal Mahaba is attributed to Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali SA. It is said he authored it for himself and kept it always with his sword and shield. Amirul Mumineen extracted this doa from the Quran and prayed with its wasila. Whoever enters conflict praying this surely is victorious. 

The doa begins with Surat ul Hamd and the last three Surahs of the Quran and enjoins the wasila of the greatest name of Allah Ta’ala (Ismullahil-A’zam), the highest angels in heaven, the Prophets, the Revealed Books and all the Imams. 

This is an excerpt from the doa:

“Allahumma – O Allah by the virtue of the wasilas I have enjoined to reach you and beseech doa to you, grant me triumphant aid, for I am your servant and the son of your servants, praying and supplicating to you. Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim ‘We have given you a triumphant victory, so that Allah Ta’ala may forgive your sins – present and past, and so that He may fulfill His blessings and ne’mat upon you and guide you to the straight path (siraate Mustaqeem), and so that He may give you victorious aid (inna fatahna laka fathan mubina, li yaghfira lakal-lahu ma taqaddama min zanbika wa ma ta’akhar, wa yutimma ni’matahu ‘alayka wa yahdiyaka siratan mustaqima – Surat ul Fateh:1-3)

Allahumma – O Allah, support me with your armies, delight me with your good fortune, assist me and aid me by Jibrail, Mikail and Israfil and five thousand of your angels (reference to Surat ul Anfal: 8) and keep them in my aid as you kept humans, jinns and birds in the charge of Nabi Sulayman (reference to Surat al-Naml: 17). Soften the hearts of men for me as you softened iron for Nabi Dawood without fire (reference to Surat Saba: 10).

The doa is a great sword in the hands of every Mumin. It is a catalyst for our prayers to be answered. The PDF of the doa is presented on A full translation will be presented in the near future inshaallah.