Imam Ali Zainul-Abedeen SA is the third Imam—after Hasan Imam SA and Husain Imam SA—in the progeny of Rasulullah SA and Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali SA. He is widely known as ‘Sajjaad’ (one who performs many sajdas) in light of the 1000 rakaats of namaaz he prayed every night. He composed innumerable priceless doas invoking Allah Taala’s rehmat for all aspects of life here and Hereafter. These doas have been compiled in a book called Sahifa Sajjadiyya. This Sahifa is a priceless treasure for every Mumin who wants to pray to Allah. Not only do its doas teach us how to supplicate Allah Ta’ala in prayer, but they also guide us toward what we must pray for in order to lead a life of peace and prosperity in this world and the next.

This particular doa is one in which Imam Ali Zainul-Abedeen SA prays to Allah Ta’ala for good health and wellbeing. Amirul Mumineen SA in one of his kalaams says that the biggest blessing after ‘imaan’ (belief in Allah and his wali) is good health. In this doa, Imam Ali Zainul Abedeen supplicates Allah Ta’ala to grant him good health in body and spirit, and protect him from all that is evil. He begins the doa with salawaat on Mohammed and Aal-e-Mohammed and repeats this salawaat several times during the doa. Our Hudaat Kiraam have taught us that praying salawaat before, in between, and after a doa ensures that the doa reaches Allah Ta’ala.