Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS: "Narmi si bole barabar.. dheela panu nai, naito tamaro advantage lese badda...bewe cheez balance ma."


Quotes from Syedna's TUS waaz on Twitter. Video excerpts from Syedna's TUS waaz on Instagram.

“Al Mumino kal Yaqut-il Ahmar”, a true Mumin is like a prized red ruby. Syedna showed us the deep meanings of this Hadith from Rasulullah SA, and how it reflects on the Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Syedna narrated the history of the eight heptads of Du’aat Mutlaqeen in Yemen and India.  He described the strength, fortitude and granite resolve of our Duaat Kiraam in establishing Imam uz Zaman’s Dawat throughout turbulent and difficult times. Rasulullah during his Hijjat al Wada’, looked in the direction of Hindustan and prayed: “These are my brothers and they will uphold my Dawat”. Syedna revealed to us the deep responsibility and blessings that Du’aat Mutlaqeen carry and uphold.

Syedna did zikar of Maulatuna Hurratul Malika QR, Aamir Imam’s AS pure, pious Hujjat and the Queen of Yemen. Aamir Imam, the 20th Imam, describes her as the guardian of Dawat in the Sijil ul Bisharat, the letter which he sent to Maulatuna Hurratul Malika giving her the good tidings of the birth of his son and successor Tayyib Imam SA. Aamir Imam also instructed Maulatuna Hurratul Malika to establish the silsila of the Duaat Kiram. Syedna gave us pearls of wisdom with the zikr of the silsila of the Duaat Kiram and explained how the seat of dawat shifted from Yemen to India.

Syedna in a few short minutes, with great affection, gave Mumineen guidance on how to become a true and pious Mumin and explained the 54 virtues of a Mumin that Amirul Mumineen SA has described. Syedna gave guidance to Mumineen on how to uphold harmony and live life with the best, most sincere of intentions and God consciousness, taqwa. Syedna recalled the guidance that he gave in sabaq to his farzando, “Let your heart be so abundant that everyone is accommodated inside it” (dil itnu mhotu hoi ke sagla samaai jaai).

Syedna passionately declared:“Mumineen, you live in my heart, what ails you, ails me your difficulty is my difficulty.  If there is anything you need, come to me, I am here for you - to give you guidance, to help you and to share your pain.” Syedna added that he beseeches dua for Mumineen every single day to answer Mumineen’s prayers and fulfill all their hopes and desires.

Syedna did heartfelt zikr of the two grandsons of Rasulullah SA and what they endured for the sake of upholding Deen and Dawat. Syedna prayed the Shahaadat of Imam Hasan AS and Imam Husain AS and Mumineen wept tears of blood.