Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS: "Qana'at nai aawti,  contentment aj nai hotu, em na thai jaawu joiye, balance howu joiye sagli cheez ma, niyyat saadiqa raakhay."


Quotes from Syedna's TUS waaz on Twitter. Video excerpts from Syedna's TUS waaz on Instagram.

Ali Ali Ali - rang through Syedna Taher Fakhruddin’s TUS seventh waaz. Syedna did iltija to Amirul Mumineen and advised Mumineen, “In your lives if you face any difficulty beseech Ali.” Syedna took Mumineen into the deep oceans of ilm and ma’arefat of recognizing the true magnificent station of Amirul Mumineen and showed us how to avoid the perils of qulu (falling short) and ghulu (exceeding proper bounds). Syedna illuminated our souls and gave good tidings to the Shi’a of Amirul Mumineen, conveying that Mumineen will surely attain Paradise if they have true walaayat of Maulana Ali in their hearts.

Syedna blessed Mumineen with endless barakaat from the history of Amirul Mumineen AS and Rasulullah SA. In the zikr of the battle of Khaibar, Syedna revealed the elevated station of Amirul Mumineen. Rasulullah said that Amirul Mumineen is, “One who loves Allah and his Rasul and someone who is loved by Allah and his Rasul.” Syedna narrated how the sun rose in the sky for Amirul Mumineen and illustrated the high station of Amirul Mumineen through enlightening bayaans.

Syedna did zikr of the Ayaat from the Qur’an e Majeed, “Only Allah is your wali and his Rasul and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and give zakaat while they are in ruku (bow in worship).” Syedna blessed us with the hidden meanings of these Ayaats and showed us how the walayat and ta’at of Amirul Mumineen brings one to Rasulullah and to Allah.

Syedna TUS, our spiritual father, gave wise counsel to Mumineen with affection and care on how to attain balance in the worldly life and prepare for the Hereafter. Drawing from the sayings of Amirul Mumineen, Syedna emphasized the importance of zuhd (rejection of worldliness) and encouraged Mumineen to follow Maulana Ali’s example in their daily lives.

Syedna did zikr about Amirul Mumineen’s last Ramadaan which he spent in absolute worship and piety towards Allah. Our hearts wept as Syedna prayed the Shahadat of Amirul Mumineen and his son Husain Imam. Syedna passionately urged Mumineen to hold steadfastly to the true walayat of Maulana Ali, ensuring that when they are at their last breath Amirul Mumineen will take hold of their hand.