Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS: "Tamne judge karwanu nathi, bija ne madad karo, tame karso sawaab tamne thaase, em samjhi ne karo... raaziq toh khuda chhe ye waat na bhuli jaajo."


Quotes from Syedna's TUS waaz on Twitter. Video excerpts from Syedna's TUS waaz on Instagram.

On the Mubarak day of Yawm ul Jumua, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS emphasized the auspiciousness of Friday and the significance of Lailat ul Jumua, a most barakati night. Syedna explained the deeper meanings of the seven days of the week, each day representing one Naatiq from Adam AS to Qaaim AS (who brings Judgment Day). Syedna recollected the good deeds one should do on Friday, including Salawat, Sadaqah, praying Quran - specifically Surat Al Kahf and Surat Aali Imran - and encouraged Mumineen to inculcate these practices in their daily lives.

Syedna explained the meanings of the allegory in the Qur’an Majeed about the Baqara (cow) and enlightened Mumineen about the concepts of Nass and ismat. Syedna then with the ta’yeed of Imam uz Zamaan extracted and revealed a new facet of this Ayat relating it to Tayib Imam, Maulatuna Hurratul Malika and Du’aat ul Satr. Syedna further explained and gave examples of the different kinds of Nass that have occurred during the time of Du’aat Mutlaqeen.

Syedna delved deep into the concepts of walayat, explaining the true meaning and philosophy of love of Awliya Kiram. Each Mumin must make the choice to reach the highest levels of purity through the aid and love of their Awliya Kiram - ultimately it is this love that raises a soul into the highest peaks of heaven. Syedna continued that this world is a combination of choice (ikhtiyar) and compulsion (jabr) and that our goal is to make the right choices to reach the world of choice (‘aalam al-ikhtiyar). Syedna guided Mumineen towards these choices beginning with the love of our Awliya’ Kiraam. He taught Mumineen how to resist and fight the temptations of this material world. He gave guidance to Mumineen on how to raise our beloved children and how to encourage them to be vessels in which the love of Awliya Kiram resides.

Syedna’s recollection of the shahaadat of Ali Akbar, the precious apple of Husain Imam’s eyes, shattered every Mumin’s heart. Syedna beseeched Allah Ta’ala with the wasila of Ali Akbar to give Mumineen the blessings of Dawat ni khidmat and fulfil their wishes for marriage. Syedna’s remembrance of Husain Imam and his grief for his beloved son Ali Akbar made Mumineen cry tears of blood from their heart.