Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS: "Duaato no waaris, mamlooko aale Muhammed, Imam uz Zaman no ghulaam chhu, ehno Dai chhu. Je ne aa safina na kabtaan banaya chhe, Mumineen mara saathay safina ma ghana itminaan, qaraar si betha hua chhe, kem ke aa safinu qudus na kaathay chali rahyu chhe."

Summary & Excerpt

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“The ark of salvation that Husain Imam SA commanded, that is the Dawat ul Haqq, that is the Dawat Husain’s Dai is safeguarding today” proclaimed Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS in his second waaz.  Syedna TUS narrated the history of Nuh nabi AS and did zikr of the ship of salvation, Safinat ul najaat.

Throughout all ages and time, the believers have sat in the Safinat ul najaat with resolution, serenity and absolute trust in the captain of the ship. Syedna did zikr of the Ashaab and Ahle Bayt of Husain Imam who endured all hardships of Karbala with serenity in their hearts and stayed aboard the ship of salvation with their Maula Husain. Syedna remembered the sacrifices that Mumineen have made throughout history because of their complete faith in their Maula, the captain of the ship. Syedi Hasan bin Nuh stood strong in the time of Syedna Mohammad Ezzuddin RA. Mumineen in Ahmedabad held on to their faith in extreme adversity during the fitnat of Jafar.

Syedna remembered Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA and how he steered the ship of salvation amidst a storm with waves like mountains.  Syedna remembered the faithful Mumineen who, like the Ansaar of Rasulullah SA, left their families, homes and businesses to uphold their faith in the Safinat ul najaat . And then, Syedna gave boundless hope to Mumineen as he said that today, with him Mumineen are sitting in the Safinat ul najaat with peace in their hearts.

Syedna then brought to life the events of Karbala, weeping for the hardships that the Ahle bayt and Ashaab of Husain endured. Syedna described the shackles around the neck of Imam Zainul Aabidin SA and the thirst of children under the harsh desert sun. The zikr of Ali Asghar AS, the beloved son of Husain Imam, shattered our hearts and streams of tears flowed from every Mumins eyes.