Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS: "Sagla ne kahu chhu Mumineen ne je sagla hamari mohabbat raakhe chhe ke tame maara saathe saamnej chho, balke tame maara dil ma chho, tame koi andesho na raakhjo, Husain ni zikr suno, maara saathe maatam karo."

Summary & Excerpt

Watch an excerpt from Syedna's TUS 1st Waaz on Instagram.

Our year starts with the remembrance of Hussain and the ilm of Aal-e-Mohammad,” declares Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS as he recounts the blessings of our Duaat Kiram and how they established the tradition of waaz in Muharram. 

Syedna showers Mumineen with priceless pearls of knowledge, illuminating their lives with the zikr of Adl ul Allah, the Justice of Allah and the story of Adam Nabi.  Syedna answers these questions in his first Waaz, What is Allah’s perfect justice? If God is all-knowing, how is it justified that he created Iblis knowing that Iblis would not obey Adam Nabi? Why did God ask Adam Nabi to not eat fruit from the tree of paradise? If Adam Nabi ate from the forbidden fruit, then how is it fair that his children also got the punishment of leaving the abode of Heaven? Syedna brings it to its conclusion, weaving the answer with verses of the Quran and bayaans from Syedna Moa’yyad, Syedna Hussain RA and Syedna Qutbuddin RA: How does the justice of Allah shape our lives today? 

Syedna later explains that in all age and time there is a spiritual father who guides us and fills our hearts with the light of God - the Imam and in his seclusion, the Dai, who leads his followers on the right path. 

In the shahadat bayaan, Syedna brought to life the heart wrenching events of Karbala.  He described Imam Husain SA as he lifted the body of Hasan Imam’s handsome son, Qasim, from the ground.  He carried him over his shoulder and placed him next to the other Shohada. As Syedna described Imam Husain’s SA last bow to Allah in Sajda, our hearts were shattered with grief and eyes overflowed with tears.