Waaz Summary

From Imam Ahmad’s SA Ikhwanus Safa, Syedna narrates the story of a rich man and why he became unhappy. Syedna also explains the Surat of Wa al-Duha in the Qur’an, and its true meaning.  Syedna gives guidance to Mumineen and expounds on the meaning of Maulana Ali’s SA saying, “If the fringes of God’s favors reach you, don’t drive them away by lack of gratitude.” Syedna narrates the shahadat of Abdullah, Imam Husain, and the Shahadat of Maulatuna Fatema with such fervour and intensity of grief, that even stones would melt like wax.


Al Dai-l-Ajal al-Fatemi Syedna Taher Fakhruddin's TUS sixth waaz mubarak will be broadcast on Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 9am IST. Mumineen viewing the waaz digitally should observe the same adab and ettiquette as they would when attending in person. To view the waaz mubarak live and to watch a replay click here: