Aqa Maula Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS related the virtues of three Imams, Hasan AS, Husain AS, and Ali Zainul Abideen AS. Syedna gave Mumineen wise counsel based on each virtue.

In Hasan Imam’s zikr, Syedna expounded on Hasan’s compassion. The Imam did 25 Haj and he traveled by foot - he walked  from Medina to Mecca. Some Muslims sent a petition to the Imam expressing that the weak did not sit on their camels and horses during this journey as it would be disrespectful to Hasan Imam who walked. Hasan Imam changed his route so that the others would be able to sit on their camels and horses during their travel. Syedna also quoted Rasulullah SA said, “Mix with people in such a manner that when you live they are drawn to you, and when you die they cry for your loss.”

Then in Husain Imam’s zikr,  Syedna narrated that when Husain Imam was leaving Mecca for Kufa and Karbala his half brother Mohammed bin al-Hanafiyya asked Husain Imam not to go. Husain recited these verses of poetry, “Yes I will die, but there is no shame in death. My intentions are pure and I fight as a Muslim.”  Syedna explained that the intention of our actions  is most important. Rasulullah said, “Acts are only worth the intentions that accompany them. Each person will be recompensed according to his intentions.”

Syedna quoted  Husain Imam who said, “If I live, I shall live without shame. If I die, I shall die with honor. Shame is living a life of subjugation.” Syedna TUS emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s self respect, quoting Imam Ali, “The one who does not recognise his self-worth will perish.” Syedna TUS said that if you do not have self-respect others will not respect you and can take advantage of you.

Syedna asserted that we should stand up for our principles,for truth, for Haq. When the time comes to stand up, such as now when false-claimants are misguiding people from the true Dai, and the true principles of Dawat are on the line it is important to take the right stance. Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA said to Bawajisaheb Syedna Qutbuddin RA when Syedna Qutbuddin related to him some defamatory things which people were saying about him, ““Dear son, we are what we are. Let others say what they say.” Syedna TUS advised Mumineen to not be cowed down by threats, nor beguiled by inducements into silence against tyranny, falsehood, and wrongdoing.

Syedna narrated a zikr about Husain Imam relating a dream on the way to Karbala to his son Ali Zainul Aabideen AS: Someone comes to Husain Imam in this dream and says,“You walk on your journey, yes, but all the while death carries you toward Jannat.” Zainul Abideen asked Husain AS, “O father, are we not on the path of Haqq (Truth)?” Husain replied, “Yes, truly, we are on the path of Haqq.” Zainul Abideen responded, “In that case, we do not fear death!"

Syedna TUS said, we need not live our lives out of fear or greed, but on principle. Allah Ta’ala says, “Do you surmise that you will enter paradise, only those will do so, whom God knows from you, who fought [for truth], and had forebearance.”

Syedna TUS bestowed priceless jewels of doa to Mumineen, for barakat, for hifazat, for marriage, for children, and many other doas for all aspects of Mumineen lives in this world and the Hereafter

Syedna TUS recited the shahadat of Maulatuna Fatema AS with such heart rending grief that all present could not help but weep tears and tears on the travesty wrought upon this beloved daughter of the Prophet SA.

May Allah Ta’ala keep our Maula Fakhruddin always upon the throne of health till Qiyamat, and keep us in his shade and under his guidance, giving us the happiness of this world and the next.