Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS delivered an illuminating waaz—pur-noor, pur-ma’rifat, pur-riqqat —on 2nd Muharram 1440H in Darus Sakina, Mumbai.  Maulana Fakhruddin started the waaz by addressing Mumineen as those who have accepted Islam and Imaan (Islam and Imaan na lawnaar Mumineen), as ones who hold walayat of Rusul and Malaikat and who are the Shia of Amirul Mumineen. Those who do mohabbat of Panjetan Paak AS, whose intercession and wasila was sought by Adami Nabi AS. When Adam Nabi saw the shining lights (anwaar) around the  Allah Ta’ala’s Throne (arsh), he asked who was born before him. He received the answer that these were the Anwaar of Panjetan in his progeny.

Imam-uz-Zaman SA, the successor of Panjetan paak and A’immat Tahereen, is present in the world today and is the reason for its creation. We recognize and do ma’rifat of Imam-uz-Zaman through his Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Maulana emphasized the importance of this ma’rifat, explaining that Jannat is attained because of the marifat of our Awliyaa’ Kiraam.

Maulana then did zikr of the bisharat Amirul Mumineen SA gave to Shia. “Rasulullah is pleased with you, O’ Shia”. The Shi’a of Ali recognized Amirul Mumineen SA has Rasulullah’s SA Wasi while others went astray. “Everything has a peak and the peak of Islam is Shia. The honor of Islam is Shia. The pillars of Islam are Shia and the leader of all gatherings (majalis) is the majlis of Shia. Others, in this world, would not get provisions (tayyebaat ul rizq) if it weren’t for you, O’ Shia. Other may obtain rizq in this world but in hereafter (aakherat), they have no share. That is only for our Shia.”

Maulana then narrated when Rasulullah SA told Maulatuna Fatema AS of Husain Imam’s shahadat, and consoled her that until the Day of Judgment (Qiyaamat), Mumineen would cry in the remembrance of Aqa Husain. With immense grief, Husain Imam’s Dai encouraged every Mumin to shed tears remembering Husain Imam’s hunger and thirst, remembering Abbas Alamdar’s sacrifice of his hands, remembering the spear in Ali Akbar’s chest. One who cries for Aqa Husain is guaranteed Jannat with every tear. Maulana assured Mumineen that he would araz to Imam-uz-Zaman to secure Jannat for those who shed tears remembering the shahadat of Aqa Husain.

Maulana related the symbolic the meaning of our tears - water of our tears, water which means ilm of Aal-e-Mohammed.  Our Duaat made the custom at the start of the new year, we gather and remember Husain and along with that, we obtain ilm ni barakat. Such is the ehsaan of Duaat, that in turn, they call upon us, every year, and bestow priceless ilm.Maulana urged every Mumin to gain more ilm.

Maulana then recited ayats from the Quran Majeed about the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth in two, four and six days. Maulana TUS explained that on a literal level these Ayat-s make contradictory assertions. It is only after understanding the deeper meaning of these Ayat-s explained by our Hudaat Kiraam that it becomes clear that there are no contradictions. Maulana urged everyone to contemplate the nature and purpose of Creation? Maulana recalled Rasulullah’s SA hadith: contemplation – in the nature and purpose of creation - for an hour is more valuable than a year’s prayer and ibaadat. Maulana explained that Allah Ta’ala granted human beings intellect (aql), and each person has the immense power to contemplate on the entire universe.

Maulana reflected on Darwin’s theory of evolution and the problems with its premises.  Syedna also commented that many scientific theories change as scientists learn more – for example, scientists used to think the earth was flat and now they think it is round. Maulana TUS also commented on the problems with the creationism theory taught in many schools. The dichotomy both theories create between science and religion, often times leads people to stop believing in God altogether.  Maulana TUS asserted that our Hudaat have explained the truth (haqiqat) of creation of this world and humankind over thousands and thousands of years in our kitaabs. 

Then Maulana did bayan from kitab of Syedna Husain (8th Dai), Kitaab al Idaah-wal-Bayaan and narrated some of the questions Syedna Husain answered in this kitab, such as “what is the reason for creation?”. Maulana also expounded on the Arabic meaning of the two words for creator: khaaliq (creator, creating one thing from something else) and ibda’a (creator, creating from nothing).

Maulana explainedRasulullah SA hadith, “God created Adam in His image” (Innallaha khalaqa Adam ala suratihi).  Maulana enlightened Mumineen with an incredible in-depth explanation of the seven chapters (fasl) (chapters) of this Hadith.

Maulana imparted many teachings to Mumineen and guided them how to live their lives (mow’izat bayaan).  In one zikr he encouraged Mumineen to always strive to do good deeds, speek the truth and follow our noble forefathers. This will lead to his surat noorani and remain with awliyullah in akherat.

Maulana ended the waaz on hamd ibarat and pur-dard shahadat of Husain Imam. Syedna Moayyed says that even death pales in the huzn of Husain. Maulana said that that zikr of Husain is zikrullah and due to its remembrance, we increase the roshni in our jaan. Maulana did nasihat to do more matam and buka of Husain this year than previous years.