Maulana Fakhruddin addressed Mumineen as the ones who answered Haqq ni Dawat and did shukr of Allah Ta’ala that we answered the Dawat of Panjetan Paak. Maulana said this Dawat is known as Dawat Tayyibiyyah. The numerical value of “Tayyib” is 21, the toi in “Tayyib” is for Fatema AS, the ye for Amirul Mumineen. the be for Rasulullah and the shadda on ye is for Shabbir and Shubair (Hasan and Husain). Barakat of Panjetan Paak is in Tayyib Imam’s name. Today, the Imam of our time is also known as Tayyib. Maulana prayed a few abyaats from Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s qasida “our faces are towards you, o aale mohammed, your walayat is our deen.”

Maulana narrated the incident when Ziyad bin al-Aswad went to Imam Baqir SA with his legs bleeding from walking. Ziyad did araz to Imam AS that “I am drowning in the sea of my sins but I have sincere walayat for you and I hope that due to that, my sins are forgiven.” Imam AS said three times “hal id’deeno illa al hub” -is there any deen besides mohabbat.

Then Maulana emphasized that Imam ni hazrat is true (haqiqi) Hajj. Baitullah symbolizes the Imam, who is the Kaaba personified.

Maulana then narrated that Hasan and Husain Imam used to walk to Hajj. They performed 15 Hajj walking from Medina to Mecca, which would take approximately 11 days to cover the distance. Then Maulana emphasized istitaa’at us sabil (if you have the means) and said that today is a Friday and going towards Friday prayers, Rasulullah said, is Hajj for the ones who cannot afford to go to Mecca (mari ummat na fokora ni hajj). Maulana said Imam is also Arafah or Jabal-ur-Rehmat and we, Mumineen, perform it with marifat - “mumin marifat na arafah par khara che”. The ones who left the true Kaaba, Amirul Mumineen, do not possess that marifat and their deeds are not accepted. Maulana prayed the ayat “We will regard what they have done of deeds and make them as dust dispersed.” (25:23)

Then Maulana said that Hajar-e-Aswad points towards the Dai’s maqam. Rasulullah stood near it with his Ashaab and said, pointing towards hind, that they are my brothers. During the Imam’s seclusion, the Dai is Baitullah and going to the Dai’s hazrat garners Hajj nu sawab. Maulana did doa – “khuda tamne ghani barakat aape.”

The first Dai who went for Hajj after becoming Dai was Syedna Abdul Qadir Najmuddin (47th Dai), followed by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (49th Dai), Syedna Taher Saifuddin (51st Dai) and Syedna Burhanuddin (52nd Dai). When Syedna Taher Saifuddin went for ziarat atRasulullah’s qabr mubarak, he prayed surat of Iqra and performed sajdo as the surat has a farizat no sajdo. Otherwise, it was impossible due to the political environment there to perform sajdo or kiss the qabar mubarak. However, with this act, he performed sajdo and made everyone present perform as well.

Maulana said that this world is filled with darkness and to stay strong on our belief (aqeeda). Most people are consumed by this world but only the ones whose teenat (miiti) is pure, khamiro (matter) is pure, obtain taufiq to stay with the truth.

Maulana narrated the names of all the Imams with the surat of Inna Anzalna. When he did zikr of Imam Hakim, he mentioned that Syedna Qutbuddin was the one who, when Syedna Burhauddin visited Cairo for the iftitah of Rasul Husain SA Zarih, did araz to him to construct Imam Hakim’s Masjid. Syedna Burhanuddin rebuilt it and performed Ashara as well there.

In Imam Tayyib’s zikr,Maulana narrated that he is zul umrain na saheb (“of both eras”). In the Imam’s seclusion (satr), on the hands of Duat, he showed the shaanat of kashf.

Maulana performed detail zikr ofDuat and mentioned their fadail. He said they are the hours (ghari/sa’aat) of Lailatul Qadr. Maulana prayed salaam on Syedna Hatim, who was Dai for 40 years, and did doa that may we be able to do his ziyarat very soon.

Maulana bestowed mawi’zat (counsel). “Your perspective should be clear in how to spend your life and always keep doing good deeds so that you gather more hasanaat.” Maulana did a lot of doa for Mumineen. He asked Allah for strength to obtain his happiness and do buka of Husain Imam. May Allah keep you safe, fulfill your wishes and give you ilm ni barakat. Maulana advised Mumineen to take wasilo in the night of Ashura and do a lot of doa but also to rest a little, as we must sacrifice ourselves on Husain tomorrow. Maulana ended the waaz by praying Imam Husain’s shahadat along with Hasan Imam’s shahadat. Mumineen, Muminaat and farzando performed purjosh matam of “Hasan Husain Imam Husain”.