Maulana addressed Mumineen in today’s waaz as malaikat, rusul, kutub ane yaum e aakhir  na imaan na lawnaar logo (“those who have believe in the angels, prophets, holy books and the last day”). We are the ones who have sincere love (ikhlaas ni mohabbat) for khamsat athaar by knowing and believing that their successor, Imam uz zamaan, is present today. We believe that during the Imam’s seclusion, his Dai is present. Each Dai is chosen by appointment (nass) and 53 Duat have passed before who took Mumineen to the Imam’s hazrat.

Maulana did zikr of Nabi Musa. Musa AS used to do a lot of munajaat (silent prayer). Musa told Allah Ta’ala that, in Tawrat, I read about an ummat whose shaan is so special as if they are anbiya. Musa asked who they are and asked to make them from his ummat. Allah answered that this is Ahmad’s ummat. You are with them and they are with you. You are on the deen of Islam as all anbiya are on one deen, that is Islam.

Maulana added that hte Tawrat does zikr of Duat and so does the Quran. Duat are surats of Quran and Imam is the full Quran (Quran-e-kul). Maulana prayed a bayt from Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s Qasida in shaan of Imam’s : Quran does your madhe (praise)

                                              and we get the deeper meanings of the aayat from you

                                              O sons of Fatema, Tawrat and Injil are also in your shaan

Duat do zikr of Imam AS and show Mumineen their true marifat. All Mustaqar Imams are Quran-e-natiq (speaking Quran). Maulana Ali said one day : “O kitab-ullah (Quran) speak. This is a silent Quran (kitab-ullahe-samit), I am the speaking Quran (kitab-ullahe-natiq).”

Rasulullah said in his khutba at Ghadeer-e-Khumthat I leave behind two weighty things - Quran and my itrat (progeny). If you stay steadfast with them, you will never be misguided. They will remain together (Maulana indicated by joining his first two fingers of both hands) until they meet me at the hauz-e-kauthar (the hauz of kauthar in Jannat).

Maulana emphasized that always pray Quran with marifat. The tawil of praying Quran is walayat of Imam-uz-Zaman. Quran encompasses ibdai faiz that Rasulullah brought together in Arabic language. Tanzil (exoteric Quran) is Rasulullah’s mo’jiza and the bayaa  of it’s tawil (deeper meanings) is Amirul Mumineen’s mo’jiza. Maulana further added that Syedna Qutbuddin RA would always say that make it a habit to pray Quran everyday. By praying, Quran we receive the barakat of the faiz that is in the Quran and due to that, our souls are enlightened. Maulana advised muminee to learn Arabic and understand the literal meaning of the Quran and then to learn its deeper meanings. Furthermore, he also emphasized to do hifz of the Quran if possible, as this garners a lot of sawaab.

Then Maulana prayed the Quranic aayat that Musa AS prayed “Allah expand my breast, ease my task and untie the knot from my tongue so they may understand my speech.” (20:25-28). He said that Musa Nabi is mentioned numerous times in the Quran and prayed the ayat (12:111) and emphasized that in these are lessons for the people of intelligence. 

Maulana explained how Musa Nabi’s AS mother received wahiye to keep Musa in a wooden box and put him in the river and that he was raised in the house of Fir‘aun and was subsequently nursed by his own mother. Maulana emphasized that this was Allah’s ayat (sign/proof) and that Allah had power over his command even though circumstances can occur in this world. Maulana did zikr in detail about Musa’s ‘asaa (staff) and explained five fasls (chapters). Maulana Also explained the deeper meaning of Musa’s ‘asaa being ta’eed ni asaa. When Musa AS threw his ‘asaa in the court of Fir‘aun, it turned into the biggest snake and ate the other snakes. Maulana expounded the tawil that Musa did haqq ni hujjat (arguments) and he cut the hujjats of all others who were present in the court of Fir‘aun, such that all of them accepted Musa’s deen.

Maulana counseled Mumineen to always be thankful (shukr karo) so ne’mat will increase and prayed the Quranic aayat “If you are thankful I will increase you in favor” (14:7).

Maulana did zikr of Sulayman Nabi AS and explained the tawil of the Quranic ayat “And when We decreed for Sulayman death, nothing indicated to the jinn his death except a creature of the earth eating his staff. But when he fell, it became clear to the jinn that if they had known the unseen, they would not have remained in humiliating punishment.” (34:14). Sulayman Nabi appointed his successor but kept it a secret and told none about it. Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA taught his Mansoos Syedna Ezzuddin everything from how to eat, how to walk, how to dress, so on and kept this a secret such that none knew. When Qa’im Imam SA appointed Mansoor Imam SA, it was done without any witnesses present. Mansoor Imam was present alone. Maulana emphasized that whatever haqq na dai does is haq. Similarly,Syedna Burhanuddin did makhfi nass (secret appointment) on Syedna Qutbuddin. Syedna Qutbuddin had ta’eed ni asaa. Every dai is ‘asaa who receives ta’eed from the Imam, performs all amal with Imam’s ta’eed and delivers this ta’eed to Mumineen.

Maulana counseled Mumineen to not forget their parents. To help and serve them especially in their old age and prayed the Quranic aayat “treat your parents well” (17:23). Maulana emphasized to always do ta’at of Dai. Ta’at is ismullahe-aazam (the greatest name of Allah). Maulana further counseled Mumineen to always serve Dawat.

Maulana prayed hamd, salawaat and did doa that may he obtain nasr-e-azeez and fath-e-mubeen. Maulana did hamd that “I received ansaar, mohibeen like you all” and gave bisharat to Mumineen that when Qutbuddin Aqa passed away to Imam’s hazrat,he was happy with us.Maulana bestowed doa that may Allah protect you, fulfill your wishes and help you to do talaqqi of this ilm and barakat. May the ones who have left us (bichri gaya) come back to us so that we meet them in jannat. Maulana ended the waaz praying heartrending shahadat ofAli Akbar and Imam Husain. Ali Akbar was ‘asaa for Imam Husain and Husain’s ae’temad (reliance) was on him.