Mumineen who are unable to attend waaz in Mumbai or Bakersfield are also urged to congregate and get together to listen to waaz and for Imam Husain SA Niyaz jaman in their home towns and are requested to contact [email protected] to coordinate with others in the same area. Broadcast links will be updated shortly.

Where possible, the contact numbers of those arranging the gathering will be posted on the website. If not possible for all days, we urge mumineen to gather at least for the last three days, or at the very least for Aashura. 

Mumineen are also urged to recite Ya Sayyida ash Shuhadaai (presented with English translation and audio recording) and Fulkul Husain Marsiya every day during ashara – at least a few abyaat. Mumineen should also do tasbeeh of Imam Husain 128 times – the adad of Imam Husain’s name (just as Ali is 110), which is a most barakati nuskha prescribed by Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA.