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Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed RA Urus

21 October 2016

Mumineen who are unable to attend urus majlis in person are urged to, 

  • Pray Khatmul Quran on the Niyyat of the Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed
  • Pray Qasida Mubaraka written by Syedna Taher SaifuddinSalaamun ‘Alayka a Fakhral Huda - it is presented with English translation and audio recording
  • Mumineen should also recite Dawat ni zaban salaam written by Yaqutatu Dawatil Haqq Shehzadi Dr. Tahera Baisaheba in shaan of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed and Marsiya by Marjanatu Da’watil Haqq Shehzadi Arwa Baisaheba which was written in 1420H and presented to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA

We have also published a short biography that presents the akhbar of Syedi Fakhuddin Shaheed QR, click here to read.

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