I offer you thanks but thanks is what I have learned from you. Howcan I offer thanks enough when offering thanks necessitates offering more thanks.


Syedna Doa Messages

This section is where Syedna Fakhruddin's TUS messages of prayer and peace for people around the world are published.

Amal Details

This section provides amal details for miqaats and detailed instructions for mumineen with regards to what to pray on the specified auspicious days.

1440H Wajebaat

Like prayer, fasting, and hajj, zakaat is one of the seven da’a’im, or foundational pillars, of the Shari’at of Islam. Click the sections below (or view the PDF above) to read more details about these different aspects of zakaat.


We are pleased to present this week during the Mubarak month of Shehrullah an Azaan recitation in the Misri lehen by Shehzada Dr Husain Bhaisaheb.

Qur'an Majeed

This Qur’anic recitation in tarteel is by Shz Dr. Husain bhaisaheb, who is Haafizul Qur’an and with raza and doa of Syedna Burhanuddin spent many years in Cairo, where he learned tarteel from some of the most well-known reciters.


This section presents a collection of haftis for Mumineen


This is the Fatemi Dawat Ashara Mubaraka Archives page. Here you can find all Ashara relevant material including broadcast links, waaz summaries, waaz video excerpts, photos, program details etc. of previous years.

Ashara 1441H

5 February 2015

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