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Sijill 76 - 8 Shawwal al-Mukarram 1436H

24 July 2015
SIJILL ARTICLE: Power of Prayer; DOA IN TRANSLATION: Syedna al-Mu’ayyad’s do’a in Times of Despair; ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: Court Hearings on 29th & 31st July and 3rd and 4th of August; QASIDA IN TRANSLATION: Qasida by Shz. Dr. Tahera baisaheb (From Sijill 63); ANNOUNCEMENT: Syedna TUS Saturday Qadambosi Bethak 23rd Shawwal (8th August); FATEMI DAWAT HEALTH INITIATIVE WEBINAR SERIES: 2nd Webinar – “Hypertension: Recognizing and Deal with the Tension of High Blood Pressure”; NEWS & EVENTS: Syedi Abdul-Qadir Hakimuddin RA Urus Majlis