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Sijill 72 - 10 Ramadan al-Moazzam 1436H

26 June 2015
SIJILL ARTICLE: The Ten Days of Forgiveness (Maghfirat); FATEMI DAWAT ANNUAL REPORT: 1435H - 1436H PDF and ebook; DOA’S IN TRANSLATION: Doa for Forgiveness of Sins (Maghferat-uz-zunoob); AMAL DETAILS: Second Ten Days (Maghferat no Dasko); LEGAL UPDATE: Bombay High Court Declaratory Suit 24th June 2015; AUDIO: Sanaa’ – (Praise of Allah Ta’ala); ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: 17mi & 19mi Raat of Ramadaan - Washeq; ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: 19mi Ramadaan Amirul Mumineen SA Shahaadat Waaz; ZAKAAT & VAJEBAAT FORM 1436H; ANNOUNCEMENT: Shehrullah Imamat namaz in other cities; FAQ’s: Roza

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