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Sijill 71 - 3 Ramadan al-Moazzam 1436H

19 June 2015
SIJILL ARTICLE: The Pillar of ‘Sawm’ (Roza/Fasting); NEWS & EVENTS: Shehrullah Pehli Tarikh Majlis & Syedna TUS Ibaadat Photos; FAQ’s: Roza; AZAAN: Its Revelation to Rasulullah SA (& Azaan Audio of Shz. Dr. Husain bhaisaheb); FATEMI DAWAT HEALTH INITIATIVE WEBINAR SERIES: 1st Webinar – “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (aka Acid Reflux): A Burning Issue”; UPCOMING NEXT WEEK: Dawat Activities & Resource Allocation Report 1435/1436H; ZAKAAT & VAJEBAAT FORM 1436H; ANNOUNCEMENT: Syedna TUS Shehrullah 1436H Namaaz Program; ANNOUNCEMENT: Shehrullah Imamat namaz in other cities

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