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Sijill 45 - 27 Safar 1436H

19 December 2014
PRAYERS: Syedna TUS Prayers for Victims of Peshawar School Attacks; SIJILL ARTICLE: Amirul Mumineen’s Advice to Hasan Imam; ANNOUNCEMENT: Hasan Imam Shahaadat Majlis; MARSIYA: “Ay Hasan Ay Nabi na Piyaara” NEWS & EVENTS: Shz Taher bhaisaheb conducts Nikah in family of Shk. Muslim Tyebjee, San Jose; FATEMI MADRASA - RIWAYAT: Hasan Imam’s Haybat & Awe Inspiring Presence; ANNOUNCEMENTS: “From the Cradle to the Grave” – Shz. Taher bhaisaheb Monthly Sabaq Broadcast on the life of a Mumin; ANNOUNCEMENTS: Saturday Bethak

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