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Sijill 151 - 1 Rabi-ul-Aakhar 1438

30 December 2016
SIJILL ARTICLE: The Philosophy of Celebrating Milad of Imam-uz-zaman (From Sijill 50 – Now published in Dawat-ni-Zaban & Gujarati); ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: Milad Imam-uz-zaman SA 4th Rabi-ul-Aakhar 1438H; HIKAYAT SERIES: The Power of Music; DAWAT HISTORY SERIES: Sijill-ul-Bisharat – The Announcement of Imam Tayyib’s SA Birth (From Sijill 50); REMEMBRANCE: Imam-uz-zaman SA Milad & Syedna Qutbuddin’s RA First Misaq Majlis; ISLAMIC FINANCE SERIES: Part 2: Is share trading and investment allowed?; MEDIA ARTICLES: “Islamic banking can be a success in India” Article by Shehzada Abdeali Saifuddin published on “DailyO” Blog; SIJILL AND FATEMIDAWAT.COM SURVEY: A short (5 min) questionnaire