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Sijill 123 - 13 Ramadaan al-Moazzam 1437H

17 June 2016
SYEDNA TUS DOA MESSAGE: Shooting in Orlando, FL, USA; SIJILL ARTICLE: “Worship your Lord & Do Good”; DOAS IN TRANSLATION: Imam Ali Zainul Abedeen SA Shehrullah Fajr Doa with Syedna TUS Recitation Audio & Dawat ni Zaban & English Translation; ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: 17mi, 19mi & 21mi Raat of Ramadaan - Washeq; ANNOUNCEMENT & AMAL DETAILS: 19mi Ramadaan Amirul Mumineen SA Shahaadat Waaz & Broadcast; ANNOUNCEMENT: Syedna TUS Weekly Qadambosi & Araz Bethak – Sunday 19th June; AMAL DETAILS FOR THE SECOND TEN DAYS: Maghferat no Dasko; SIJILL ARTICLE: The Ten Days of Forgiveness (Maghfirat) – From Sijill 72; CALCULATION OF ZAKAAT: Available as eBook in English, Dawat-ni-zaban & Gujarati

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