Mr. Chagla asked, in the Plaintiff’s opinion, what was the significance of the 52nd Dai, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, referring to him as his beloved son (Al Walad-ul-Ahab), in the sermon while he appointed him as Mazoon. The Plaintiff replied that the 52nd Dai meant that the Plaintiff was to be his successor.

Mr. Chagla asked, Is it correct that in the sermon of which you spoke earlier, the 52nd Dai used precisely this expression Al-Walad-Al-Ahabb?

The Plaintiff replied in the affirmative and further said “I was his brother and also his beloved son.” The Plaintiff further said that when “The 42nd Dai appointed the 43rd Dai, who was his brother as his successor. He said that the 43rd Dai was his brother but was also spiritually his beloved son.”

- Afternoon Dispatch and Courier, 5 August 2015