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These are a collection of articles that have been published in newspapers and magazines (online and print) about the Bombay High Court Declaratory Suit and the Gujarat High Court case. They include issues about succession, framing of issues, etc. The articles are a mix of English and Gujarati. Press reports linked to from this site contain solely the opinions of the report authors/anchors, and the contents therein are not endorsed by the Office of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Saheb.

Court battle lays bare inner intrigues of Bohras' priestly family

1 May 2015

"...The Dai and the Mazoon together guide the community. They are the fountains of spiritual knowledge of the community, the only two ranks referred to in this manner. Both are the only ones who spread spiritual knowledge...", April 30 2015

Qutbuddin claims his anointment was kept secret over threat to life

30 April 2015

"...On Tuesday, he told the court that Syedna had explained his decision not to make public Qutbuddin's anointment as the successor to Qutbuddin's uncle, Syedi Saleh. Syedna told Saleh "talwaro chal jati" had he made the decision public, Qutbuddin claimed..." -The Mumbai Mirror, April 29 2015

Syedna called me his 'beloved son', meaning successor, says challenger to title in court

30 April 2015

"...When questioned on the Nass (nomination), and if he could explain why according to him this alleged Nass took place secretly and without a witness, Qutbuddin said, “To keep it a secret was Syedna’s decision and not mine. I am the witness..." -The Indian Express, April 29 2015

Late Syedna called me beloved son

30 April 2015

“When the 52nd Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin appointed me as the mazoon and gave a sermon, at that time he said I was a beloved son. This carried the meaning that I was his successor,” - DNA Mumbai, April 29 2015

Late Syedna told me to keep mum on succession: Kin

30 April 2015

"... Qutbuddin clarified that when the Syedna appointed him mazoon, in a sermon at that time, he referred to him as a beloved son and that he was much more than a mazoon..." - The Times of India, April 29 2015


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