For the June 10, 2019 issue of Outlook, Syedna Taher Fakhruddin Saheb TUS was interviewed by Prachi Pinglay-Plumber of Outlook magazine and spoke about a wide variety of topics including the succession suit filed in the Honourable Bombay High Court, womens’ rights and safety including on FGM, and coercion in zakaat and other religious matters, amongst others. A short excerpt is below:

Every Syedna has appointed a successor in his lifetime. While it may seem that the procedure to appoint the successor is fairly simple, this has turned out to be a complex case involving legal corroboration of evidence. “Our belief is that the Syedna appoints his successor by ­divine inspiration,” says Taher. “My father testified in court saying the 52nd Dai appointed him as the successor. This appointment was acknowledged through words and actions by many senior people of the community. Saifuddin himself conveyed to me some 30 years ago that he believed my father to be the successor of the 52nd Dai. I have seen him numerous times performing certain actions of respect in public for my father that are only accorded to the Syedna or Syedna-to-be according to our faith.”

The full article Leadership Battle Splits Dawoodi Bohras is available on the Outlook website.