Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS presided over the khushi Majlis of Tayyib Imam SA Milad Mubarak Majlis on the 4th of Rabiul Aakhar at Darus Sakina. 

In the bayaan Mubarak Syedna TUS recited from the Sijil ul Bisharat, the Epistle of Good Tidings, which Imam Aamir SA sent to Maulatuna Hurratul Malika in Yemen informing her of the birth of Imam Tayyib SA. Syedna TUS also described the celebrations in Misar and related those to the celebrations of the birth of Syedna Burhanuddin RA (See Sijill article above). 

Syedna TUS narrated the unique riwayat of the rock-crystal vessel (Barniyya) that a merchant in Cairo was attempting to sell but could not find any buyers. The merchant was led by one of his friends to a distant land where he entered a luminescent tent and presented the vessels to the Imam. This riwayat about Tayyib Imam SA after he went into satr is the only one that we know. Syedna TUS narrated the riwayat such that the image of the noorani khaymah was in front of us. 

Syedna Qutbuddin TUS concluded the riwayat by saying that, 

“Tayyib Imam’s successor, Imam-uz-zaman, he is present on the face of this earth today, in a khayma of noor. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the honor of his deedar very soon.” Syedna TUS then beseeched Imam-uz-zaman SA, “your Dai, your servant, Khuzaima Qutbuddin, in ruhaaniyyat (in soul and spirit) offers Sajadaat and Salaam in your Prophetic presence. Our Salaams to you O Amirul-Mumineen. All these mumineen are with me...forever grace us with your nazaraat. Your Dai, your mark is on his forehead (aapni nishaani ehni pishaani ma che). Grant him support and succor (yaari).  You gave him the name Khuzaima and laqab Qutbuddin at the hands of your Dai. You assigned as the 53rd Dai. I am sacrifice (qurbaan) for you with my family and myself. My days and nights are in your remembrance and service. ”

Syedna TUS bestowed doa Mubarak for mumineen in the bayaan and prayed the shahaadat of Aqa Husain SA.

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