Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS, led Maghrib Isha namaz on the eve of the 15th night of Shabaan in Darus Sakina. The pillar of forbearance and virtue, Aqamaula TUS prayed Thum washeq with utmost khdu’ and khushu’. 

After the washeq, Syedna TUS beseeched the wasila of Panjetan, A’immat and Du’aat Mutlaqeen, especially Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA and Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. In the wasila Syedna TUS also enlightened mumineen with the significance of this night, including the ayat of the Quran instructing Rasulullah SA,  “delegate to your wajeh (face) one half of the Masjid-e-Haram (fawalli wajhaka shatral masjidil haram).” Syedna TUS explained that Rasulullah’s SA wajeh was Amirul Mumineen SA and Masjid-e-Haram represents Rasulullah’s SA Dawat. Just as Rasulullah SA established the overt (zahir – Quran & Shari’at) of his Dawat, he is instructed by Allah Ta’ala to delegate the establishment of the covert (batintawil meaning) of his Dawat to Amirul Mumineen SA and appoint him as his wasiyy and successor. Syedna TUS added that in this night we prayed washeq according to the instruction and irshaad of Rasulullah SA. The 14 rak’ats and the 14 surats we recite in each one of them represent the maratib of the Dawat of Mohammed SA and Ali SA. It is with this knowledge and ma’rifat, Syedna continued, that we beseech the wasila of Mohammed and Ali SA in this auspicious night. 

Syedna TUS said that we pray tonight while offering thanks that Allah Ta’ala enlightened us with the knowledge so that we perform his ‘ibaadat in zahir (the Thum washeq) and batin (the meaning of the washeq). We pray offering thanks that by the virtue of following our mawali tahireen, our Imams and their du’at, we ascend the levels of knowledge and ma’rifat, proclaim the Unity (tawhid) of Allah Subhanahu and the high rank of Allah’s awliya’. Through this means, we attain the happiness of this world and the Hereafter.  

Syedna TUS prayed for the wellbeing of mumineen, muminaat and their children and for the fulfillment of their wishes. Syedna TUS also prayed that we take ghanimat of the coming month of Shehrullah according to the advice and irshaad of our awliya’ kiraam. 

These are but glimpses of the wasila in which Syedna’s TUS beseeched doa for every aspect of a mumin’s life – both deen and dunya

Towards the end of the wasila Syedna TUS recited the Shahaadat of Imam Husain SA and took the wasila of his Sajda and doa. 

I beseech doa by the wasila of Imam Husain’s doa in his sajda, taking its barakaat. May the mo’jiza of this sajda manifest in this age also. May Allah Ta’ala grant the Dai of Imam Husain and the Dai of his successor Imam-uz-zaman SA – Khuzaima Qutbuddin – nasre-aziz and fathe-mubin. May this Dawat of Haqq last forever and may the mumineen residing in the city of Dawat remain well and prosperous.  

May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna TUS longest life till qiyamat to continue to raise us in the levels of ma’rifat and knowledge and to enrich our lives with his priceless doas. 

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