On the auspicious occasion of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s Milad Mubarak, the first three higher education scholarships were issued, and the first two primary school scholarships.  The first scholarship was given to a boy from Vasai who is studying mechanical engineering.  The second scholarship was given to a girl from Nalasopara who is studying to become a chartered accountant.  The third scholarship was given to a boy from Jalgoan who is studying chemical engineering.  All higher education scholarship recipients went through a thorough and comprehensive written application and also an interview with the QJSP executive committee.  The scholarships were awarded based on academic merit, sense of service, and genuine financial need.  The recipients received their scholarships from Moulana TUS after Milad Majlis, and he bestowed doa Mubarak for success in their studies.  The higher education scholarship recipients must complete a community service requirement and maintain a successful academic record for their scholarship to be renewed the following academic year.  The two primary school scholarships were given to an eight year old boy and ten year old boy from Kurla.