A Dai has two main responsibilities: the first is to establish the Imam’s Dawat and the second is to do doa for mumineen. In Lailatul Qadar this second characteristic was manifest in its highest form in the munajaat, wasleela and doa performed by Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS.

From the time of Maghrib till Sunrise, Syedna led Mumineen in ‘ibadat and doa, taking ghaneemat of every hour and every minute. The spiritual bliss was felt by all those present. Following the Lailatul Qadar Washeq namaz, Syedna took the wasila of Panjetan, A’immat and Du’aat and particularly the waseela of Maulatuna Fatema AS, whose lofty position is signified by this night.

“Who is Fatema”, Syedna TUS said, “Fatema is the daughter of Rasulullah – but such a daughter that Rasulullah says that Fatema is her father’s mother (Fatematu ummu abeeha). Fatema is unique. We know Fatema, Fatema is the mother of the Imams, physically and spiritually. Fatema is also the mother of the Du’aat spiritually. And Fatema is also the mother of the Shi’a spiritually – Fatema, our mawlaat, is also our mother. Fatema’s Dawat is her cradle in which Mumineen are nourished and nurtured. Fatema nourished Hasan and Husain with the milk of wehye – revelation. This heavenly fayz, its blessings and bounties, continues to reach us today. Through this spiritual mother, and through her benevolence, Mumineen continue to be nurtured in the cradle of Dawat.”

Syedna also emphasized that the Imams identified themselves as ‘Fatemi Imams’ – because through Fatema’s nisbat – link, they have a nisbat with Rasulullah SA and Maulana Ali SA. And it is for this reason that this Dawat is known as ‘Fatemi Dawat’, the Dai is known as ‘Fatemi Dai’.

Syedna throughout the night and especially in the waseela beseeched Allah Ta’ala: ‘May Allah Ta’ala keep Mumineen in his hifaazat, may he give them peace and sukun in their lives, barakat in their rozi, solace and comfort in their house and in their families. May Allah Ta’ala give us all Hayaat Tayyeba – a pure life, here and in the hereafter…”

Mumineen continued to receive barakaat of Syedna’s Doa throughout the night, in this waseela and following that in the munajaat which Syedna TUS had composed in this Lailatul Qadar, which was distributed to Mumineen through fatemidawat.com.

The munajaat and waseela were both a manifestation of the flowing inspiration of the Imam towards his Dai in this auspicious night. Towards the end of the waseela Syedna stated that “I am the 53rd Dai, Imam-uz-zaman’s naa’ib and ghulaam, I beseech doa for the children of my Dawat. Those of you gathered here are taking barakaat, and may Allah Ta’ala grant you many such opportunities. Those who are deprived from this for whatever reason, May Allah Ta’ala give them the tawfeeq to answer the call of the Dai al-Haqq, to enter the Fatemi Dawat.”

Those fortunate to take barakaat with Maulana on this auspicious night returned with a sense of fulfillment that they had spent every minute of the night in the best way possible; with a feeling that their prayers had not only been heard but also answered.
A selection of photos from Lailatul Qadar are presented here.