This page contains akhbaar (highlights and photographs) from majlis, bayaans and other events.

Syedna Burhanuddin Milad

30 January 2016

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS presided over Syedna Burhanuddin’s RA Milad majlis in Bakersfield....

Milad Imam-uz-zaman SA

18 January 2016

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS travelled to Bakersfield, California on 4th Rabiul Aakhar...

Shz Dr Abdeali Bhaisaheb leads Janaza namaaz in London

9 January 2016

Fatema ben Ebrahim, wife of Mulla Hatim bhai Ebrahim, passed away in London on Wednesday night 30th of December 2015, (lailat al-khamis, 21st Rabi ul Awwal). Shehzada Dr. Abdeali bhaisaheb lead janaza namaz on Thursday evening.....

52nd Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA Urus – Tabarrukaatu Ayyamil-Urs

30 December 2015

On eve of Urus Mubarak, 16mi raat, Syedna TUS presided over Urus Mubarak Majlis and Darees...

Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed QR (Galiakot) - Poconos

14 November 2015

Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS delivered a powerful 2-hour bayaan on the occasion of Urus Mubarak of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed Maula QR, on 27th Muharram ul haram, Sunday 8 November 2015, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (USA-East Coast). The following paragraphs describe the event and quote, paraphrase and summarize some of the salient points of the bayaan....


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