Family is the central unit in our social fabric as Dawoodi Bohra Mumineen. The foundation of family is nikah and marriage. Rasulullah SA said that marriage is the completion of faith for the individual.

With the doa and guidance of Syedna TUS the Fatemi Dawat Zawaj Committee has been re-launched on the occasion of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin’s Urus Mubarak. The vision of the Fatemi Dawat Zawaj committee is to operate with the utmost of integrity to help Mumineen achieve the social and religious aspiration asserted by Rasullulah SA. The committee will faciliate the meeting of eligible men and women for nikah and shaadi. Several matches have already been successfully made through this committee.

The Vision of Fatemi Dawat Zawaj:

Zawaj aims to be a leading institution for bringing together the youngsters (shabab) of our community with the aim of nikah and shaadi.  The Zawaj Committee will uphold the highest standards of accountability, discretion, and confidentiality to ensure long and short term satisfaction of all participants. Its committee members will ensure all potential matches have strong foundations of common values, respect for diverse life aspirations, and a common goal of a happy family and community life.

The Objectives of Fatemi Dawat Zawaj:

  1. Facilitate and introduce prospective life partners
  2. Organize social gatherings and programs to fulfil vision of the committee (as stated above)

Application forms are available at Please email your completed form to [email protected].