Syedna TUS bethak for araz of Zakaat & Vajebaat will be held on 26th of Ramadaan (Sunday, 12th July) at 4PM at Darus Sakina inshaallah.

The Zakaat & Vajebaat form for 1436H with updated Silah-Fitra amount for this year and instructions for submission of zakaat and vajebaat is published on

A detailed explanation of the principles of the Shari’at concerning Zakaat was presented on with the raza Mubarak of Syedna Qutbuddin TUS last year.

Zakaat, the 4th Pillar of Islam, is compulsory every year @ 2.5% (1/40th) of your ‘zakatable income’ minus basic living expenses.  For further details about calculating zakaat and how to araz it visit