The Masul Coordination Committee (MCC) has been established, with the raza and doa mubarak of Syedna Taher Fakhruddin, to promote Maulana’s TUS philosophy of having interactive, open, transparent local jamaats and community organizations. It is Moulana TUS’ vision that jamaats conduct themselves with a great deal of autonomy within the framework of Shariat and Dawat nehj.   The ultimate goal of forming the MCC is to foster a sense of a community among Syedna’s followers.  It will serve as a dedicated resource for Masuls to regularly interact and communicate with Syedna’s office on issues including raza, progress on court case and general Dawat activities. The MCC also aims to increase the infrastructure and operating capabilities of various jamaats across the world to offer the full breadth of welfare and social services such as Masjid/Markaz, Nikah, Janaza, Shaadi, etc. The MCC will create training programs and facilitate 1-1 trainings of Masul’s on various amal of Shariat.  Appropriate experts, with the raza and doa mubarak of Maulana TUS, will be assigned to train the Masuls as required. Lastly, the MCC will engage primarily in two key types of reporting activities: (1) between Syedna’s office and the Masuls and vice versa - this will allow for reporting the progress of various jamaats (via their Masuls) in hazrat of Moulana TUS; (2) within the group of Masuls themselves - this will facilitate the inter-Masul sharing of success stories, challenges and best practices