During the month of Shehruallah Syedna Qutbuddin TUS will lead 5 faraz Imamat namaz in Darus Sakina, Mumbai (other cities in which Immamat namaz will be led will be announced soon). All attending are invited for iftaar jaman after maghrib/isha namaaz. Syedna QutbuddinTUS Pehli Tarikh Majlis and Qadambosi Bethak will be held on Saturday 28 June at 5:30pm Inshaallah. Also Qadambosi and Vajebaat bethak will be held on Saturday 8th Ramadan (5th July), Saturday 15th Ramadaan (12th July) and Saturday 22 Ramadaan (19th July) at 5:30pm Inshaallah. Zakaat and Wajebaat can be arazed during the bethak. Instructions regarding zakaat and wajebaat calculation will be posted soon on fatemidawat.com. Please Email to [email protected] or Call +91-22-25856076 if you will be attending.