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Syedna Qutbuddin Saturday Bethak

31 January 2015

As earlier stated in the philosophy of Da'wat and the Guiding Principles, access to the Dai is available for all mumineen, not just a select few. Following the end of Ashara Mubaraka, bethak audience with Syedna Qutbuddin are once again scheduled every Saturday (starting Saturday 23rd Muharram/ 15th November). Bethak is at 6.30pm at Darus Sakina, Thane after Imamat Namaz. Mumineen are invited for Salawat Jaman. 

Submissions sent on the "Contact Us" page between 1st Nov - 25th Mar have not been received due to a technical issue. Please send your questions/araz again via the form or directly email info@fatemidawat.com