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Sijill 100

8 January 2016

Alhamdulillah-i-Ta’ala, we are much pleased to present on the Mubarak occasion of Milaad Imamuz Zamaan Tayyib, al-Sijill –ul-Mi’ah, the 100th Issue of Sijill - the newsletter of Fatemi Dawat. Through Sijill, mumineen from across the globe are able to partake abundantly of the barakaat of Fatemi Dawat by keeping current with Maulana’s akhbaar, obtaining barakat of majalis mashahid, and gathering ever-deeper knowledge of our aqeedah (doctrine), history, literature, and practice. We humbly araz sajadaat ush shukur in Hazrat Aaliyah Imamiya for this azeem nemat.

Sijill 100

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