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Shz Taher Bs & Shz Aziz Bs Sabaq Resuming

7 November 2014

Following the break for Ashara, Shz. Taher bhaisaheb and Shz Aziz bhaisaheb online sabaq will inshaallah resume this week. 

The timing for Shz Taher bhaisaheb sabaq will be at 6.15 PM (California time – PST) on every Thursday – which is 6:45 AM Indian Standard Time - Friday.

The timing for Shz Aziz bhaisaheb sabaq will be 8PM (Indian Standard Time) every Thursday Inshaallah.

If interested in joining please email info@fatemidawat.com. 

Those already registered will receive an invite to the gotomeeting session by email.

Submissions sent on the "Contact Us" page between 1st Nov - 25th Mar have not been received due to a technical issue. Please send your questions/araz again via the form or directly email info@fatemidawat.com