Shehrullah al Mo’azzam 1439H – First Daska

شهر الله المعظم – پهلو دسكو

શેહરુલ્લાહ અલ મોઅઝઝમ – પેહલો દસકો

शेहरूल्लाहिल मोअज़्ज़म - पहले १० दिन

13 May 2018

Syedna Taher Fakhruddin TUS will lead Fajr, Zohr/Asar and Maghrib/Isha Namaaz in Darus Sakina, Mumbai everyday in Shehrullah al-Mo’azzam. Mumineen are invited for iftaar jaman after Maghrib/Isha Namaaz in Ivan-e-Fatemi.

Those who are unable to attend should follow the Amal Details here.

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