The Markaz directory has been updated on and will continue to be updated as new centers are formalized.  These community centers will help and support mumineen for religious and social activities.  Each Markaz has a Mas’ul (Coordinator) who is responsible for organizing and facilitating the following: 

  1. Ibaadat – Namaz and Majlis with Syedna’s TUS raza Mubarak. 
  2. Madrasa for children and Sabaq
  3. Rites – Birth (chhatti/Aqeeqa/Misaaq/Nikah/Burial)
  4. Social Support  (Zahra Hasanaat Activities) – Helping those who require medical, educational assistance (Qutbi Jubilee Scholarship Program). 
  5. Community gatherings – social get-togethers 

Communities organized under the guidance of Syedna Qutbuddin TUS should aim to espouse key fundamentals of Syedna’s philosophy and then work towards these goals together.  First, following the example of their Mawali Tahereen, mumineen should strive to be good, honest, decent and kind human beings. Tolerance is a key aspect of our religion, and mumineen should maintain the dignity and respect of their mumin brothers and sisters at all times. A mumin’s faith, imaan, is his or her badge of honor, and there should be no intolerance or persecution within our community.  Following this concept, the hurmat and sanctity of each mumin must be preserved. No one should be allowed to malign others. It is imperative that there be unity in the jama’at; that all jama’at members live in harmony and concord. In Dawat majalis and in all mumineen gatherings, an atmosphere of  joy and tranquility should prevail. 

Second, Mumineen should also strive to be helpful to all God’s children. Rasulullah has said, “All humans are children of God, and God loves him who helps his children,” (al-khalqu iyal-ul-lah wa-ahabbu n-nasi ila-llahi anfa’uhu li-‘iyalihi). Mumineen are encouraged to engage with their local communities in positive ways.   We should strive to be an open and inclusive society. We must restore the tradition of mutual respect and fellowship with other religious communities, and engage in enhancing the social welfare of fellow Indians and of our compatriots in whichever country we live.

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The current update includes centers in: India (Mumbai - South, Hyderabad/Secunderabad, and Pune), UK (London and Leicester), Europe (Paris), USA (Bakersfield, Poconos, Chicago, Clark County – Nevada, San Jose, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Detroit, Seattle), Canada (Toronto – Mississauga), Far East (Singapore), Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi – UAE).  

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If you would like to organize a center in your hometown please contact [email protected]