Lailatul Qadr is a night that is more auspicious than a thousand months. It is the night of Maulatuna Fatema SA.  Given this, we must cherish and utilize each and every moment in this night for ibaadat -  namaaz, doa, wasila, munajaat, praying Quran-e-Majeed and tasbeeh. Syedna Fakhruddin TUS has graciously granted raza mubarak for Lailatul Qadr wasila mubarak to be broadcast.

The 1438H Lailatul Qadr Amal Details page has step by step guidelines for ibadaat and bandagi on this most auspicoius nights (planning, program, namaaz niyyat text and audios, namaaz doas, munajaat PDFs and audios, hafti PDFs etc).  The 1438H page has been updated with the following,