For those who have missed rozas in Shehrullah due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances kaffaarat should be given. Kaffaarat is calculated as per Shari’at norms: ½ Kg of Wheat (to a miskeen) per roza missed. 

Those wishing to submit their kaffaarat, should calculate the cost of ½ Kg of wheat where they reside. Please contact [email protected] to coordinate how to transfer this amount, which will be used to buy wheat that will be given to masakeen. 

Please note that the kaffaarat for last year’s missed rozas should be given with enough days in Shehrullah to give the wheat tomasakeen on a daily basis (i.e. if 5 rozas were missed in Shehrullah, kaffaarat should be given latest by 25th Shehrullah so that the kaffaarat can be given every day for the last five days of Shehrullah). 

 (Sila fitra and other Zakaat information will be published shortly)