Interim Administrative Measures

همنا نا حالات انے اهنا واسطے ارشادات

27 February 2014
  • Qabrastan: It is important for a mumin when s/he dies that s/he be buried in the ground as per the hidayat of Shari’at. Followers of the 53rd Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Qutbuddin have full rights to make use of all Dawoodi Bohra Qabrastans, as per principles of Da’wat and the law of the land. However, in immediate circumstances, if mumineen are denied this right they can approach law enforcement agencies. There are times and places, such as in Hajj, where alternate arrangements of qabrastan are necessary, then dafan is done in other places. During Hajj times, mumineen janaza are buried in Mecca in Muslimeen qabrastan. According to our belief it is an individual’s beliefs and good deeds that lead to his salvation. Where required we will guide on how to do gusul/kafan and help with dafan arrangements.
  • Arzi: The Dai is available to take any mumin/mumina’s arzi and gives his blessing and guidance when sought.  He has already given, and will continue to give raza to conduct namaz and jamaat affairs in various places where mumineen reside.
  • Madrasah:  the local jamaats will help the center to organize their local madrasa. It can be done through the internet where required and the center will help set this up and facilitate on an ongoing basis.
  • Majlis: Where there are enough mumineen who can congregate, Syedna will appoint raza na person and the center will train him to lead prayers and majlis. In places where there are only a few mumineen publicly with Haqq na Dai, they can avail barakat of majlis through the internet.
  • Misaq/Nikah. The Dai will give raza for misaq/nikah or send someone to facilitate the requirements of the mumin family.
  • Sabaq/Learning: The Dai’s appointees will give sabaq on a regular basis in person and through the internet for interested mumineen and mumenaat.
  • Haftis: We will upload haftis and dua prayer books shortly, for individuals to download.