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Imam Hasan SA Shahaadat Majlis 1437H

4 December 2015

In Mumbai, Shz. Dr. Husain bhaisaheb will lead Maghrib Isha Namaz and preside over Imam Hasan Shahaadat Majlis on 28mi Raat of Safar (Tuesday 8th December – 6:45PM IST) at Darus Sakina inshaallah. The Majlis will be broadcast live through this link and will be available for replay immediately after the completion of the waaz. Shz Husain bhaisaheb will recite the Shahaadat of Imam Hasan SA and Imam Husain SA. All mumineen are invited for niyaz jaman after Majlis.

Mas’uls (Coordinators) in each town should inform local mumineen about their respective programs. In towns where coordinators are listed, please contact them directly for further details.

Mumineen who are unable to attend are urged to follow these amal details.  

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