Dawat-e-Hadiyah’s website, www.FatemiDawat.com, was launched in January 2014 to deliver Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin RA’s message to the Dawoodi Bohra community following the wafaat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA.

After beginning with a simple single-page site hosted on WordPress, the first iteration of the current website was launched in October 2014. After adding searchability features in 2015 and multilingual features in 2017, this year, in 2019 we are pleased to present a fresh new look with an abundance of added functionality.

The site is now refreshed daily with new content, one of the most noticeable items being the Saying of the Day, which adorns the header of every page. No matter the language of the page you are viewing –Dawat ni Zabaan, English, Arabic, Hindi, or Gujarati – the site will automatically display the Saying of the Day translated in your chosen language.

An all new Facilities page helps to connect mumineen and ibadullah with Dawat-e-Hadiyah and al-Dai al-Fatemi, Syedna Fakhruddin TUS. Whether you wish to get in touch about births, deaths, niyaaz, social welfare (muwasaat), zawaaj, education or for any other reason, customised forms are online to help you
connect to us and receive a reply in the shortest possible time.

Social media tiles on the home page enable you to interact with our Instagram, YouTube and Facebook content directly from the Dawat website, providing dynamically updating feeds with fresh content on a regular basis.

The entire website has also received a technical overhaul with under the hood changes made to reduce page load times. In addition, a complete reorganisation of content into more intuitive categories has been completed. Finally, but importantly, content accessibility on mobile devices has been improved – crucial given that most community members access our materials in their free time on the go from mobile devices.