Over the last two years FatemiDawat.com has developed into a vast resource and library for mumineen worldwide. This issue marks the one year anniversary of our new website which now has over 1000 pages. Our website team has worked tirelessly to improve the organization of the website to enable mumineen to find and locate relevant information. For example the Amal Details are now organized by month, the qasidas marsiyas etc. are organized by category etc. in addition to many minor improvements.

This Hijri New Year, 1437H, we are pleased to present a robust Google powered search tool for FatemiDawat.com. The tool is at the top right hand corner of the homepage and provides search results across the  FatemiDawat.com, FatemiDawatLegal.com, FatemiMadrasa.com, QJSP.org, and ZahraHasanaat.org websites.

We endeavor and hope that the throughout the next year we can better our efforts to connect and communicate with our mumineen brothers and sisters worldwide.